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The Reconcile 519 Network is the mission arm of Crossroads Church of Long Island. The purpose of the network is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ on Long Island, an area of our country where less than 3% of the population are followers of Jesus Christ.  The good news is spread through the work of mission teams, through internships, and through Church planting. The goal of the network is to make the gospel more accessible to more people. The network takes its name from 2 Corinthians 5:19.

2 Corinthians 5:19
For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.

Reconcile 519 believes…

If not us, then who? If not now, when?
In the urgency of the Great Commission. – Matthew 28:18-20

God Loves People
Jesus laid down his life for everyone on Long Island

Church Planting has to be done with Purpose
Our intent is to share and show the love of Jesus Christ to every Long Islander by starting new churches throughout Long Island.

Reconcile 519 wants to plant churches…

* Where people can be real
* Where people can wrestle with tough questions about faith
* Where people can make friends and participate in authentic community
* Where people can grow in their faith
* Where people are challenged to serve others and to see their lives as something to give away to the mission of reaching others with the gospel message

Videos About Reconcile 519

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What if you chose not to go back to the same old job? What of you took a break from school for a semester or even longer? 

What if you seized the opportunity to impact one of the most influential metro areas in the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ?




Crossroads exists to reach people for the gospel and to grow believers in their faith so they can reach others with the gospel. New church plants in new communities will reach new people. 


Provide funding for the church planter and for ministry needs

Church planting on Long Island is expensive. Funding for facility rental, utilities, equipment, ministry expenses, and personnel are all needed. Funding is typically needed for 3-5 years with a new church plant.

Send a mission team

Teams are needed to extend the reach of our staff and churches in these new communities

Send a ministry intern for a semester, a year, or longer

Interns are helpful as they serve in various ministry areas and provide valuable support for our church staff. Some of the areas of need include student ministry, worship, administration, disciple-making, landscaping, and facility maintenance. 

Send a Church Planter

Maybe you know someone who feels called to move to Long Island and help us plant churches long term. In the last few years, several families have moved here to help with teaching, worship, and in other ministry roles. 

Our Promise

100% of the funds given through Reconcile 519 will go to strengthen the existing Crossroads campuses and to help with church planting with the goal of spreading the gospel here on Long Island. 

Individuals, families, Bible study classes, small groups, and churches can participate! 

Want to know more about Reconcile 519? Please contact Kenny Lowman at 




Mission teams from all over the United States have come to Long Island and have partnered with Crossroads Church to touch thousands of people’s lives through various ministry efforts such as servant evangelism, VBS, sports camps, community outreach events, building projects and more.
Will you consider bringing a mission team to New York to serve with Reconcile 519 and one of our four Crossroads Church campuses this next year? 

This mission trip could have an incredible impact on your team and church. Here’s how:

  • Your team will experience New York’s culture and have the chance to reach people through specific ministry projects
    Your team will learn techniques to serve and evangelize that you can take and use in your community
  • Your team will be challenged in their faith and can bring fresh momentum to your church
  • Your team will have fun together while serving in NY and can experience the joy of serving together 
  • Your team will be part of something bigger than all of us—spreading the good news of the gospel to an unreached part of our country

So, are you ready to bring a mission team to New York? This could be the trip of a lifetime!

Contact Kenny Lowman ( to schedule a vision trip and see the mission field first hand. This is a great way to see what God is doing on Long Island and discuss ways your church can partner with us to further spread the gospel of Jesus.


What will my mission team be doing?
Each team will be assigned a project or several projects depending on the size, interest, and skills of the team. Potential ministry projects include kids’ camps, sports camps, prayer walking, flyer distribution, painting, weeding, servant evangelism, and construction to name a few. 

How long is the mission trip?
Your team can stay for as many days as your schedule allows. Some groups stay as few as three days. Typically, most teams stay 7 days (Saturday – Saturday). One of our staff will lead an orientation once you arrive. Your team will have the chance to worship at one of our campuses on Sunday. Teams typically serve Monday – Thursday and then spend Friday in NYC. 

What are the housing options for my team?
We have bunks for up to 40 at our Farmingdale campus. We provide the linens (including pillows and towels) and have two showers plus a full kitchen. The cost is $20 per person per night. This is the most affordable option. There are also hotels close by if your team would rather stay in a hotel. Our staff can recommend some options for you if you choose that option. 

What about meals? 

We have a full kitchen that can be used to prepare meals for your team. There are several grocery stores close by where you can purchase groceries. 

What are the transportation options for my team?
Mission teams are responsible for their own transportation while they are here.

Will there be an orientation for my team?
Yes – when your team arrives, one of our staff will lead an orientation for your group. We will go over the schedule, give a brief history of Crossroads, overview the context of our ministry project, and answer your questions.

How long is each day of the mission trip?
Teams usually serve 6-8 hours per day. Depending in the type of project, the hours can vary. Some evenings and afternoons will be open for rest and/or sightseeing. There will also be ample time for training and debriefing with your group. 

What about the cost?
Crossroads charges $20 per person per night for mission teams. A $300 deposit is needed to secure your dates. Your deposit will be deducted from the final balance. We provide bunk beds and linens, have two showers and a full kitchen for your use while you are here. 

What else is my team responsible for paying?
Your team is responsible for paying for travel to NY, transportation while you are here, and travel to/from and in NYC. Teams are also responsible for their meals while they are here. We have a full kitchen that is available for your use.

When are our team costs due?
The $300 deposit is needed to confirm your trip dates. The balance of the trip is due upon your arrival. 

How many people should be on my mission team?
We can host teams as small as a few persons to as large as 40 people. Larger groups may be separated into smaller groups for ministry projects. The ideal size is 15-20 people. 

How will we travel during our time on Long Island?
Passenger vans are the easiest mode of transportation. 12 passenger vans can be rented at the airport once you arrive.

How will my travel during our time in NYC?
We will travel to NYC on the Long Island Railroad and then by subway in the city. There will also be plenty of walking so wear comfortable shoes. Our staff will assist your group every step of the way. 

Where will we do our servant evangelism projects?
Most servant evangelism projects will be outdoors at train stations, retail locations, and other locations in the communities where our church campuses are located. 

Is Long Island and NYC a safe place?
Absolutely! We will be careful to take your team to places where we are comfortable with the surroundings. As with any area, we take necessary precautions to ensure a safe experience for your group. And there will be Crossroads staff members with your group during ministry projects. 

Anything special that my team should bring?
A complete list of things to bring will be provided as you prepare for your trip.

Will my team have time to do some sight-seeing?
Sure! There will be one full free day to go into NYC. There will also be some evenings and/or afternoons available for local sight-seeing around Long Island. 

What’s my next step for scheduling a mission trip?
Please fill out the form below to discuss dates for bringing a mission team.  A $300 deposit (deducted from your trip balance) is required to secure your mission trip dates on our calendar.


If you are interested in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below.

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